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Solar tracker

Solar tracker
Solar tracker
This tiny solar tracking system is based on 3 photovoltaic resistors aiming to reach the state of balance between them. The small round roof/cover over the photoresistors causes the shade of each resistor if the roof is not directed straight towards light. The system is still going to get a full balance on resistors by tracking the sun. Arduino sends signals to step motor controller to move in specific direction. The system has a small 5+- deadzone and a param to set read frequency to increase the speed. Everything is powered by a tiny 5V step up converter and 18650 cell. The cover is 3d printed. The link to cover is…. There will be a small 6W solar panels added soon to let the system to be self-reliant. Then the battery could be larger and charged by using li-ion bms for 1S.

Step 1: Arduino code

The zczytaj () method reads photoresistor voltage counts difference between em and correct by calib value. Than bring the difference into the specific range by map (absxprop, 0, 800, 0, 800); The direction of spin is counted by comparing to 0 as plus value or minus value. To fasten the rotation because in each loop there is only one step done the read - zczytaj() method was limited to be called each 6 loops.

Download SolarV2.ino
Download SolarV2LessRead.ino